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As the time for the Next Gen consoles nears, XBox seems to be scrambling to improve every part of the experience possible, and current XBox owners are reaping the benefits of the customer pleasing efforts. This time, Microsoft has taken a look at one of its new features and decided to improve it.
The head of a centuries-old sake brewery in southern Japan, Kensuke Shichida spent the week touring the restaurant scene of London. Far from home, his palate was greeted by an array of exotic dishes such as pub food, burgers, fries, English beef, croissants, and ceviche.
The Internet has been known to do some amazing things. It has tackled a multiple of social issues and miraculously halt any legislative work in its tracks. The Internet has proven itself to be a powerful tool yet it never directly jumped right into legislation until the year 2014. The realm of copyright laws have been lobbied and taken over the top by our legislation and with the power of the Internet, we are riding against them and altering the lawmaking regarding them. On August 1st, the didn't just intervene, it made legislative history. After <a href="">an online petition</a> was sent to the President, the “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act” was then passed.
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