Thousands Turn Out For Anime

Posted in: Iowa City News
Every August an anime convention is held in Eastern Iowa, just before school starts. For anime and video game fans, this is the perfect way to end an entire summer, and transition back into 'boring life'.

AnimeIowa staff announced at closing ceremonies that they had sold 2468 badges this year, continuing with their yearly attendance increase. A limit of 3,000 attendees had to be set because of limited space and consistently increasing attendance numbers.

Hundreds of attendees participate in cosplay, sometimes throughout the convention. This involves dressing up in strange outfits borrowed from characters of Japanese Animation television shows, movies, and video games. It's like halloween, except not as scary. Two of the more popular outfits this year included The Joker and characters from a television show called Death Note which airs on Cartoon Network.

Many attendees report a temporary feeling of post-con depression. Post-con depression, as it is often called, simple is the feeling of not wanting to go back to regular life, which includes class, homework, and more.
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