Iowa City Needs Knitters for "Yarn-Bombing"

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Iowa City is asking for knitters, according to a recent article released on the Des Moines Register website for something that is called "yarn-bombing" as part of their Tree Huggers Project.

The Tree Huggers Project is operated by the Iowa City Downtown District officials. This year, they will be taking part in a process that is called "yarn-bombing." The idea is to wrap trees in the downtown Iowa City area with sweaters.

More than 90 trees in the downtown area are to receive the knitted sweaters. Each sweater will be made specifically to fit each tree. The project will cost the Downtown District about $2,000.

Home Ec. Workshop has provided all of the knitting kits for each tree to be clothed in sweaters. Each tree will be dressed in 5 feet of knitting.

Now Iowa City just needs knitters. Less than a dozen have volunteered for the knitting as of this far. More are needed to complete the project by the set deadline.

The kits are planned to go back to Home Ec. Workshop with all of the sweaters finished by October 25. The sweaters will begin to be placed on the trees November 4. They will stay there to keep the trees warm all throughout the winter.

Officials are asking for volunteers to help them knit the brightly-colored sweaters that will go on the trees.

If you want to volunteer and don't know how to knit, you don't have to worry at all because knitting lessons are offered through the program.
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