Iowa Woman Makes Second Adoption on Thanksgiving

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An Iowa woman found herself in the courtroom this Thanksgiving, but not for criminal reasons. She decided to bless herself for the second time to adopt a child.

November is National Adoption month and Thanksgiving was National Adoption Day. Tammy Gilmore decided to do her part in it on Thanksgiving Day with a second adoption.

Only a year earlier, Gilmore adopted a 3-year old boy named Alexander. This year, she put herself back in the courtroom to adopt his little brother, a 1 1/2 year old boy named Max.

The adoption of Max was finalized on Thanksgiving day by Judge Richard Blane.

Gilmore is a single mother. She has worked with Michelle Saveraid, an attorney who has experience working with adoptive families in the Iowa area. She adopted Alexander and was then driven to adopt his little brother as well.

She states, according to an article on, she would have regretted it if she had not made the decision to adopt Max this year.

Gilmore went through IowaKids.Net, which is a website where many agencies collaborate in order to help people who want to foster and adopt children. There are several agencies in cooperation in this partnership.

The agencies that are in partnership attempt to find homes for the over 700 children eligible for adoption and the 6,000 that are in foster care. There are over 1000,000 in the entire United States that are waiting to be adopted.

If you want to learn more about foster care and adoption, visit

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