Iowa City Baptist Church Will Marry Same Sex Couples

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A Baptist Church in Iowa City has become the first Iowa Church to openly take part in the same sex marriage movement. They have joined advocates for same sex marriage and will allow them to marry.

The First Baptist Church in Iowa City has always called itself a very inclusive place, and this has been kept in mind as the church decided on their place in the fight for same sex marriages in Iowa.

According to the Des Moines Register website, the church recently voted to open itself up and offer to perform same-sex marriages.

Pastor Dorothy Whiston emphasized the importance for the church to follow through with its message of including everyone.

It has also voted recently to become part of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists. This is an organization that gears itself toward including the gay, bisexual and transgender community in their church. There are nearly 50 nationwide Baptist churches that have joined this group, but the Iowa City First Baptist is the only one in the state that has done so.

No same-sex marriages have been hosted since the vote, but the church invites anyone in the future who wants their marriage performed, whether they are members or not. All church policies will be followed for same sex marriages just like heterosexual ones.

The decision made by the church was nearly unanimous when votes were taken, and supporters recognized this as part of the church's message of inclusion.

The Iowa City First Baptist Church has nearly 50 members.
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