FTC Settles Google Case

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Google was finally exonerated, without a fine, by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after a two year long investigation surrounding Google's conduct.

The investigations were in regard to Google's introduction of universal search and other changes on patents and advertising that would allegedly have led to the limiting of consumers' ability to access content from other sources (other than Google's own), in what was seen as an unfair move by its competitors. 
After the verdict, a few changes with Google search functions will be made such as the removal of restrictions to enable advertisers to have more flexibility, and it gives advertisers the ability to have control over their advertising campaigns. This will give companies the ability to develop, manage, coordinate and optimize their campaigns through competing platforms. 

Google will also be required to license standard essential patents involving wireless mobile devices. They will not be allowed to restrict competing businesses from using critical patents for key technologies, nor can they impose hefty royalties on their usage, which might lead to an unfair competitive environment, and a possible lack of technology investment made by other companies.

The FTC has ordered Google to stop removing results from specialized search sites moving forward, and from threatening them in any way. Additionally, Google can't make any results appear to be their own content--if it actually comes from a competing source.

These changes do not affect consumers' daily search activities since Google actually increased consumer options by using search techniques that benefits its users. The FTC also found that Google's business conduct has managed to provide an atmosphere favorable, not only to the consumer, but competitors as well, and therefore did not warrant any legal action.
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