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Nebraska man arrested for scheming Iowa City bank for over $60,000

A man from Nebraska was recently arrested after successfully scamming an Iowa City bank out of over $60,000 in a scheme that dates back to January of this year.

59-year-old Mickey Don Davis of Nebraska has been arrested, according to records, after he received a wire in January of nearly $62,000 into his bank account at MidwestOne Bank in Iowa City. The wire was discovered to be from a fraudulent third party.

According to the criminal reports, before this was discovered, Davis went to the bank. He wired part of the received money to an account in Hong Kong, and then he withdrew $13,000 cash as well.

The bank did question Davis about the money going into the bank. Reports state that he gave false information about the source of the money coming into his account, as well as false information about the large chunk that he wired to the source in Hong Kong.

Midwest Bank suffered the large loss, as the scheme was a success for over eight months. Davis was arrested later, though, after the details of the crime were discovered, and charges against him for the theft were filed.

It was also discovered that Davis also deposited two counterfeit checks into his account during the time period, according to police reports released about the scam.

Davis remains lodged in the Johnson County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

He currently faces a charge of first-degree theft, which is a Class c felony.
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