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Good-bye to Bentley

Iowa City is saying goodbye to a member of its administration who is accepting another position.

It has been announced on The Gazette website that the administrative assistant to the city manager in Iowa City will be leaving to take another position he has been offered in Kansas. His job will be open for applications to replace him when he leaves.

Adam Bentley, the current administrative assistant to City Manager Tom Markus, has been serving since the job descriptions in his office were changed and the position was created, and will now be leaving Iowa City for a job position he has accepted located in Kansas.

The current position in Iowa City was originally largely clerical work, but Markus addressed the position and decided it would be a better use of the position to work directly with the city manager as someone that would eventually be able to serve as city manager.

The 27-year-old graduated from Iowa City High School. He submitted his letter of resignation yesterday explaining his decision to take the new position in Manhattan, Kansas. The city is the home of Kansas State University, and Bentley will be taking on another assistant city manager position.

Bentley's current position in Iowa City will be open for applications and the replacement administrative assistant to the City Manager will begin when Bentley leaves in October. The duties of the position will remain the same as they are currently while Bentley is serving.

Bentley's current salary is around $55,000 per year.
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