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Research Shows Facebook Could Make Users Feel Miserable

Recent research shows that people who stay on Facebook for a long time prying on their friends’ photos, statuses and career achievements could make them feel miserable. 

Researchers from Humboldt University in Berlin and Technical University in Darmstadt conducted the said study, asking around 600 Facebook users how they felt after browsing through the said social media site. Results showed that more than one third of the respondents felt depressing after being on Facebook, although the negative feeling did not really come from the constant changes that Facebook makes every now and then, rather those negative feelings come from jealousy. 

The study also showed that Facebook users who are in their 30’s and above tend to get insecure about their friends’ activities and achievements posted on the social media platform. Men tend to brag about their accomplishments both in their careers and families, while women obsess over physical appearance and social status. The researchers also discovered that passive users who constantly read their news feeds and browse their friend’s timelines were the group of respondents who were most likely to feel bad about themselves.

This cybernetic problem leads to a real-life dilemma, which is turning regular Facebook users into insecure people, discontented with their own normal lives thus making Facebook a very stressful environment for all its users. 

The group of researchers did not specify how to get over this particular dilemma, but perhaps the best thing to do when you start feeling depressed the next time you log in to your Facebook account is to just basically be impassive, learn to cut down on your negative, harsh, and unrealistic thinking.
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