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Facebook loses advertisers again

Facebook is in deep again, from the looks of it.

The social media giant has once again lost many advertisers over content issues this time, including Nissan, who pulled all of its ads from the site.

The problem this time? Content on the site.

According to Nissan and other advertisers who have pulled their ads from the pages of the social networking site, ads have been appearing on pages of the site with offensive content, particularly content encouraging violence toward women.

The halt, for Nissan at least, is temporary, according to The company is willing to advertise with Facebook once again with the assurance that their ads will not be placed on pages that have offensive content.

The removal of the ads were prompted by a round of communication from a group of female activists who spotted the offensive pages and started a campaign against them. The group sent a total of more than 5,000 communications to different advertisers on Facebook that were featured on these pages in protest.

The current method of functioning of Facebook does not allow for this type of guarantee, but it is something that the social media site may look at due to the amount of pages on the website that have offensive content.

Nissan is open to resolving the issue with Facebook if it can be resolved, and the social networking giant seems to be on board with amending the offenses that have happened, including dealing with the offensive content that has slipped passed its monitors.
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